Understanding the Causes of Drunk Driving

Everyone loves a party: good food, good conversation and of course, alcohol. After all, what’s a party without alcohol? How many accidents have occurred because someone thought being only a little bit tipsy, wouldn’t hurt anything to drive a few city blocks.

More causes of drunk driving

One of the biggest causes of drunk driving is the person who hasn’t adequately prepared. They drive to the bar or party alone and end up drinking more than they had planned without thinking about how they’ll get home, and they either don’t want to be inconvenienced by leaving their car behind, or they’re too arrogant or embarrassed to ask for help.

Others simply don’t care. They hear about the deaths and injuries and are aware of the risks and the potential penalties, but choose to drink and drive anyway. Perhaps they’ve done it many times before and never had a problem, so they’re willing to take the risk.

Another cause of drunk driving is the difficulty in knowing your level of impairment after consuming a given quantity of alcohol. How can you tell if you’re too drunk to drive? You or your friends, or even a bartender can’t look at you and tell you that your blood alcohol concentration has just gone from .05% to .08%.

Alcohol is also the proverbial double-edged sword. It slows down a person’s reflexes and impairs their reasoning while deluding the drinker into believing they are competent to drive and that their motor skills are unaffected.

The problem drinker

In 2004, a study found that eighteen million Americans fell within the category of alcoholic or as an abuser of alcohol. The statistics do not show how many had reached a state of illegal intoxication at parties, but most likely, it would be a significant number.

Parties where teenagers are drinking can have devastating results. Inexperienced drinkers are unaware of the mental conditioning alcohol has on the human brain. Intoxication causes a false feeling of confidence while impairing judgment and reasoning.

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention found that eight young people die every day in alcohol related crashes. Not only are our children dying from car crashes, alcohol is the cause of death in binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. You may not be able to stop your child from experimenting with alcohol but you can set an example and you just might save their life.

Drunk drivers not only endanger themselves but innocent bystanders and passengers as well. Today there is a trend among the victims of drunk drivers to sue those that enable the drinkers. Bars, restaurants, and other alcohol serving establishments are often the target of the injured, and most states have dram shop laws that support that liability. This can even happen to the hosts of parties if they allow their guests to leave after consuming a large amount of alcohol.

Breathalyzers are easy to use, inexpensive, and available. There are so many factors that influence alcohol absorption that it’s difficult to determine one’s own blood alcohol level without a way to measure it.

If you drink regularly, why not take the guesswork out of your level of intoxication by having one available at your next party. Not only will you develop a greater understanding of alcohol’s effects, but you’ll garner a lot of attention with your new toy and may just save a life or two.

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