Alcohol Treatment Alternatives

There are many national alcohol treatment programs available today. But what if traditional resources don’t work? Statistics show science based treatment programs don’t work for everyone. Some people don’t feel comfortable at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and doing a 12-step recovery programs.

Alternative alcohol treatment plans are available with organizations that have conducted research, implemented innovative techniques and have gotten positive results.

A holistic, alternative treatment to alcohol treatment approach includes ideas to treat the mind, body and spirit of an individual. Some people have better results with this type of treatment because the training and techniques employed cover more of their core life problems.


These resources try to get to the underlying causes of the addiction, such as what factors are conducive to binge drinking.

They offer herbs to create relaxing teas to satisfy alcohol cravings. Many of these alternative treatment programs help clients resist the urge to drink by teaching other types of activity to occupy them during stress periods.

Some services offer counseling for a period of up to one year after the initial treatment phase, which helps those who abuse alcohol to know that they are not alone in long term recovery.

Recurrent alcohol abuse is a sign of deeper problems. Alternative treatment centers have done studies and their findings shows over 70% of those who drink alcohol have some level of mental disorder.

These health centers employ minor levels of medication, counseling and medical personnel who can clarify why a certain person drinks and what they can do to successfully overcome the addiction.

Not every drinker can benefit from using medication and this will be discussed between the patient and the physician on an individual case basis. Additionally, many of these facilities have outpatient programs, so there is no need for commitment and long separations from family and friends.

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