Alcohol Testing

There are many reasons for alcohol testing and alcohol breath testing specifically, and it’s use is much more wide-spread in occurrence, availability and affordability than one would think.

Whether for assessing your own level before driving home after the office party, used road-side by officers on our major roadways or utilized as part of a kit of workplace, employment pre-screening tools, or before leaving the bar, there are lots of options, models, shapes, sizes, multi-function units to choose from.

An example of alcohol testing products are evidential alcohol breath testing instruments and tests like the BAC DataMaster or the BACtrack Pro, both DOT/NHTSA approved professional grade alcohol screeners that utilizes stateBACtrack Pro Breathalyzer of the art semiconductor oxide sensors to test breath alcohol content quickly and accurately, the latter featuring a simple one button operation, giving digital readings in seconds.

Another product for alcohol testing is the digital BACtrack, a consumer level “breathalyzer” that measures your blood alcohol level anytime you need to know if you’ve crossed the line between safe alcohol consumption and not being sober enough to get behind the wheel of your car to drive home.

Compact, lightweight and easy to operate, it can be used over and over again without the use of a mouthpiece and associated hygiene problems. Speedy digital readings, with clear output shows within seconds after blowing into the mouth vent.

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