Alcohol Breathalyzers at Prom

In May or June, students everywhere prepare for the Prom. To some people, this is one of the most important social gatherings in a teenager’s school years. Boys rent tuxedos and girls choose their dresses. Limousines and flowers are ordered too. Hair appointments are made, photos are taken and memories are forming. Concerned school administrators and teachers prepare for Prom and many are armed with breathalyzers to help control alcohol consumption mixed with driving.

Alcohol is quickly absorbed into the mouth, throat, stomach and intestines. But how can chaperones at the Prom (or anyone else) know if a student has been drinking? One way to accurately measure the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream is to employ an alcohol breathalyzer at the Prom.

This device uses the exhaled breath of a person who has blown into a mouthpiece to compare their blood alcohol content to that of one ml of non-alcohol contaminated blood. The simple scale attached makes it easy for anyone to determine accuracy in just a few minutes.

Many education employees already meet students at the door of extra-curricular activities with a breathalyzer test. Some others administer the test as students leave the events. Either way, schools attempt to help combat student drunk driving.

The breathalyzer test comes in a variety of portable units with easy-to-understand instructions and they yield a 99% accuracy rate in detecting the presence of alcohol in a person’s system.

Schools hope that this strong policy of Zero Tolerance training will get students to think about the consequences of drinking and driving, to or from any event, not just Prom.

Teens are under a lot pressure from all sides when they are in school and social settings. Many of these pressures are negative and cause students to measure choices they make in their daily lives.

Why use an alcohol breathalyzer?

Having breathalyzers on hand is a positive presence which can only help students learn the right choice – Don’t drink and drive.

The only memories of the Prom they carry into their futures should be happy, healthy ones because they chose to remain sober. Nobody wants to remember their Prom night as the night they drove drunk and caused a life-changing crash.

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