Alcohol And Holidays

Alcoholism is one of the most prevalent social issues in today’s society.  At Milestones Ranch Malibu, they have highly trained and professional staff to deal with individuals struggling to battle against alcoholism.  As we approach the holiday season, if you have a loved one or a friend that you suspect may be dealing with an alcohol problem, it may be time to have a frank discussion with them.

I spent the weekend gearing up for my own Thanksgiving celebrations.  Our family traditions include the enjoyment of mimosas as we prepare the Thanksgiving meal.  The table will be adorned with a fried turkey, and guests will enjoy wine with their meal.  Unfortunately, at many other homes in our country, the focus will be on issues related to alcohol rather than the holiday feast.  According to the website About Alcohol Abuse, slightly more than half of American adults are close to someone with a drinking problem.

Alcoholism does more than just ruin a good holiday event.  This issue brings long-lasting effects on those that abuse alcohol.  Aside from the very serious chance of alcohol poisoning that can result in death, there are other health concerns related to alcohol abuse.  Liver damage is one of the most common problems associated with alcohol abuse.  Long-term consumption of alcohol can also result in brain damage.

As with just about any issue, there are also social effects to alcoholism.  Domestic violence statistics show that alcohol use by one of more of the individuals is often involved.  On the job, poor performance and high absenteeism can be linked to those with alcohol related issues.  Violent crime statistics have also shown that nearly half of the cases of homicides and serious assaults have involved alcohol use by the perpetrator or the victim.

Teen drinking is probably the most concerning of issues related to alcohol abuse.  Binge drinking among high school students is a real concern for anyone with a teenager in their household.  One survey among former dropouts presently between the ages of 18-24, showed that almost 60% of them started drinking prior to the age of 16.  The spring season which ushers in proms and graduations, also shows an increase in alcohol-related deaths among teenagers.

Alcohol is legal but its use should still be closely monitored.  There are some positive medicinal effects attributed to alcohol consumption.  For example, drinking a glass of red wine a day has been shown to give positive results in the improvement of cholesterol levels.  It is also linked to lowering the risk of stroke.

Moderation is the key to realizing the positive effects that can be obtained from alcohol use.  Avoiding society’s glamorization of alcohol and keeping in mind that problems abuse of alcohol can cause, is the best approach.  A responsible individual needs to avoid the abuse of alcohol and keep in mind the ill effects it can bring.

As you observe your holiday traditions and celebrate with your loved ones, keep in mind both the positive and negative effects of alcohol use.  If you are aware that a friend or loved one is struggling with alcohol-related issues, then talk to them openly about your concerns.  Let them know that Milestones Ranch Malibu is ready to assist them in their dependency on alcohol.

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